Harmony 10 string tiple ukulele

My modified Tiple

x Top x Back x Under
It has steel strings and is tuned Aa~dDd~f#F#f#~BB


Harmony Tiple Ukulele

There I was updating the database and writing a bit about the Colombian Tiple (well it is often mistaken for a Ukulele). I needed some pictures, ideally of a very experienced one, so I went to ebay to look at what was there at the moment. There wasn't any pictures of what I was looking for but what it brought up in the search was an old Harmony Tiple Ukulele at a very reasonable "buy it now" price but with offers accepted. It was also quite local so I could go and collect so I put in an offer and it was accepted..
So off I go; and the chap I got it from said he is also a collector of sorts so its in very good nick with new strings and even pretty much in tune! I don't think it originally came with bridge pins but the switch over has been done very well with proper reinforcing and probably makes for a stronger bridge. Certainly better than the put on a tailpiece affairs, (though from the holes in the base it has suffered one of those in the past). It's tone is noticeably better with a D tuning rather than a C (but it was tuned to C when I got it; possibly why the chap sold it?) and with the bridge pins I am happy to go there