Fender Hai'ola Mahogany Tenor ukulele

My Fender Hai'ola

Fender haiola tenor Ukulele
indonesian Fender Ukulele hai ola back
Fender laminate tenor Ukulele
It is tuned to g~C~E~A and has Aquila Strings fitted

Fender laminate tenor Ukulele



Fender Hau'oli

Fender are famous for their Electric Guitars. They are some of the biggest Icon's in Rock'n'Roll history. As soon as I was of that sort of age I dreamed of a Fender Guitar, (and the magical ability to play it like a rock god with no practice and despite having no talent!). I never got the Fender Guitar, (though I do now; but still no talent), but now I've got a Fender Ukulele!

Fender don't have a history of Ukulele manufacture like Gibson, They only started making them this millennium at their factory in Indonesia. There were, (when I got this - the range has expanded now), only a few in the range and they all had a Figure 8 body with a standard sound hole the only really Fender touch is the classic headstock, (and the U'uku Soprano didn't even have that!) They all had Hawaiian model names too and my one, the Hai'ola is the bottom of the range being mahogany laminate. It is a solidly made Ukulele that plays nicely is strung with Aquilas, comes with a gig bag and is a reasonable package - but you are paying a bit for the name.