Eleuke EC40 Cigar Box Electro-Acoustic Tenor Ukulele

My top of the range Tenor

bugsgear Cigar box Tenor Ukulele
Eleuke electric acoustic tenor ukulele
Bugs gear Cigar box Ukulele
it has Aquila strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A (but with the chorus this modulates a little)



Eleuke TCBA-40 Cigar box

Eleuke generally specialise in electric Ukulele's and they have been known to make solid body copies of other manufacturers acoustics. Here they are kind of doing the same thing but the Cigar box is traditionally the homemade Ukulele, (and I considered having a go at making one myself!), and they are making a factory produced range.

The Ukulele comes in Soprano, Concert or Tenor, and you can have acoustic or electro-acoustic. They all have the same design of cigar box with an elephant on, (and I doubt tobacco has ever been involved?).

Now I have one, (and I got the Tenor because it was only 5€ more than the Concert) I don't know if I will have a go at making my own, but it seems a lot less likely now.

The 40 is the top of the range and include a Chorus effect as part of the electrics - It wasn't that I want this effect but the 40 range was all I could get in Europe - however it can add a certain something? If you switch it on.