Ashbury AU68 Electro-Acoustic Tenor Lili'u 6 string Ukulele

My Ashbury Lili'u

Gremlin 6 string tenor ukulele liliu
Ashbury Lili u 6 string ukulele with pickup
Gremlin 6 string tenor ukulele liliu


There seems to be a lot of debate about high or low G and if the A pair are in unison or an octave apart?
Mine currently is g~Cc~E~Aa and has Aquila strings

Ashbury AU-68e Lili'u

The Lili'u Ukulele is a 6 string Ukulele where the 1st A string and the 3rd C string are doubled up. This gives the Ukulele an extra depth of tone, and a slightly unusual look and feel, (it also makes it a bit tricky to tune with the double sets being so close together it is difficult to sound one without sounding the other) 

My Ashbury was made in Indonesia, (rumoured to be the same factory as Oscar Schmidt?) and has a laminate Mahogany body with a beautiful gloss finish and some nice tortoise-like inlay It is top of the range for Ashbury's Indonesian manufacture and I got it at a bit of a bargain price, given its quality. Since getting it I have swapped the strings with Aquilla's, (I wasn't sure if the strings it came with were a complete set or made up of multiple sets and it needed the strings redoing anyway) and it's not a job I want to have to do to often as it's a bit fiddly.

It is interesting to play, I haven't got the technique to fingerpick the double courses and some songs don't seem to work well with the extra "depth" but it does sound nice when you play a song that does work, (I really can't and won't comment on the singing part)