Eddy Finn ef15 Rope Mahogany Tenor Ukulele

with the Eddy Finn "Fin" soundhole

shs international eddy finn tenor ukulele
solid mahogany ukulele tenor back
It currently has Martin strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A

I don't like Martin Tenor strings as much as I like Martin Soprano ones, but they are OK



Eddy Finn EF-15

I got this one, partly because I really dug the fin shaped sound hole but also I was looking for a workhorse kind of Tenor that I could mess about with the strings on, (there are a lot of string options for Tenors). Originally I was going to get a Tanglewood, (that comes with a hard case), for this but I saw the "Fin" and the fish-bone binding, (this is the black and white banding around the edges), and changed my mind. It also comes with a solid mahogany top back and sides, and I have plenty of cases...

It came, (Well the first one came with a broken neck thanks partly to poor packing and partly to the postman, but I sent it back and it got replaced; or fixed I'm not sure which?), with a standard set of Aquila strings on and I thought it was a little quiet, so perfect to experiment on. Unfortunately the "Kluson Style" tuning peg slots are quite difficult to work if the strings are too long, making it a bit fiddly to string. I have changed them a couple of times but I don't use it for string experiments now, (and its still seems quite quiet - maybe to use to spruce tops?)

The build quality is OK without being spectacular, the binding is OK but doesn't compete in quality with the Samwill. The finish is quite matt to the touch though it is officially described as satin, but it is a very tactile. I don't know what it is but it calls out to me to handle it more than most? Overall I think it's an OK Ukulele, (using OK a lot but that is exactly right to describe it), but perhaps a bit expensive for what it is; even with all the solid mahogany, (and the "Surf Dude" marketing for this is very much over the top with all the "totally no hassle" and "Ukulele Nation" terminology, even the Eddy Finn name is a bit suspect as it is a Chinese Ukulele - and the "3650 beach days" warranty is only valid in the US - I see this has been cut to 3 years since I brought mine too?)

To sum up. its solid enough and I think will last well with a little, (but fairly minimal), care, though its not exactly heirloom quality. If I lost this one I probably wouldn't get another but that's because there are a lot of other mahogany Tenors about that I would like and Eddy Finn have used some interesting woods on other models, I would get another Eddy Finn just not a mahogany one, ( I couldn't not have the "Fin" sound hole at the corner!).