A Tenor Ukulele has a scale of between 41 and 46 cm (16 - 18 inches) and the usual length is 43 cm (17 in). The Tenor first appeared in the late 1920's as the obvious next step after the Concert from the Martin company. Nowadays most manufacturers have a Tenor or two in their range but as they are more expensive that the equivalent smaller sizes, (except the Mini), they usually only do the traditional shapes and finishes. The exception to this is the top Luthiers seem particularly fond of making them and they often are very imaginative in both shape and decoration.
There is a subset of the Tenor size called the Jumbo Tenor. Unlike the sub sets of the smaller sizes, this doesn't usually, (I have see some Supertenors with a tenor size body and a Baritone neck), have a longer neck or any particular playing difference, it's just a big Tenor going into the Baritone scale length and could just as easily be called a "mini Baritone", (but usually isn't). Only a few manufacturers make Jumbo Tenors.

Here are all my Tenor Ukuleles
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Alida Semi-Acoustic

Eleuke EC40 Cigar Box Electro-Acoustic Tenor
Eleuke Cigar Box

Fender Hai'ola Acoustic Tenor
Fender Hai'ola

Risa Bean Steel Strung Electric Tenor
Risa Electric Bean

Eddy Finn Mahogany Acoustic Tenor
Eddy Finn EF15

Ohana SK-30L "Giraffe" Tenor
Ohana SK-30L

Jose Fernandez Saxony tenor
Jose Fernandez

Lanikai LU2-8 Tenor Taropatch Ukulele
Lanikai LU2-8 Taropatch

Swagerty Surf-a-lele Acoustic Tenor circa 1963
Swagerty Surf-a-lele
Kala Spruce Top Long Neck Acoustic Soprano (Tenor Scale)
Kala Giraffe
Ovation Applause Roundback Electro-Acoustic Tenor
Ovation UAE148 Applause
Kala JTE 2TS "Jazz" Electro-Acoustic Tenor
Kala Jazz
Ashbury AU68 Electro-Acoustic Tenor Lili'u
Ashbury Lili'u

Tombo Ukulet
Barnes and Mullins the Gresse spruce spalt maple Tenor
B&M the Gresse
Kanile'a Islander MT4 Tenor Ukulele
Kanile'a Islander MT4

Kala Acacia Electro-Acoustic Taropatch Tenor
Kala Taropatch

RCI Madrone Travel Acoustic Tenor

Unklele Thinkline LP Electro-Acoustic Tenor
Unklele Thinline LP

Blackbird Carbon Fibre Acoustic Tenor

MFC Surf Scene Fluke

Lanikai Lili'u
Lanikai SOT-6 Lili'u

Keith Urban Tenor
Urban Guitars

DeVekey style 2 Concert
De Vekey type 2

HB Reso
Harley Benton Kahuna
Petersen Polk-a-lay-lee
1972 K Yusuma Tiple
K Yusuma Tiple