A scale of between 41 and 46 cm (16 - 18 inches) and the usual length is 43 cm (17 in). Here are all my Tenor Scale Ukuleles

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Alida Semi-Acoustic

Eleuke EC40 Cigar Box Electro-Acoustic Tenor
Eleuke Cigar Box

Fender Hai'ola Acoustic Tenor
Fender Hai'ola

Risa Bean Steel Strung Electric Tenor
Risa Electric Bean

Eddy Finn Mahogany Acoustic Tenor
Eddy Finn EF15

Ohana SK-30L "Giraffe" Tenor
Ohana SK-30L

Jose Fernandez Saxony tenor
Jose Fernandez

Swagerty Surf-a-lele Acoustic Tenor circa 1963
Swagerty Surf-a-lele
Kala Spruce Top Long Neck Acoustic Soprano (Tenor Scale)
Kala Giraffe
Ovation Applause Roundback Electro-Acoustic Tenor
Ovation UAE148 Applause
Kala JTE 2TS "Jazz" Electro-Acoustic Tenor
Kala Jazz
Ashbury AU68 Electro-Acoustic Tenor Lili'u
Ashbury Lili'u

Tombo Ukulet
Barnes and Mullins the Gresse spruce spalt maple Tenor
B&M the Gresse

Kala Acacia Electro-Acoustic Taropatch Tenor
Kala Taropatch

RCI Madrone Travel Acoustic Tenor

Unklele Thinkline LP Electro-Acoustic Tenor
Unklele Thinline LP

Blackbird Carbon Fibre Acoustic Tenor

MFC Surf Scene Fluke

Lanikai Lili'u
Lanikai SOT-6 Lili'u

Keith Urban Tenor
Urban Guitars

DeVekey style 2 Concert
de Vékey type 2
Kanile'a Islander MT4 Tenor Ukulele
Kanile'a Islander MT4
HB Reso
Harley Benton Kahuna
Petersen Polk-a-lay-lee
1972 K Yusuma Tiple
K Yusuma Tiple
irun laminate walnut tenor
Irin Walnut
Lanikai LU2-8 Tenor Taropatch Ukulele
Lanikai LU2-8 Taropatch