Wexler music Regal made Wabash Soprano Ukulele

My Wabash

1950's wexler wabash soprano ukulele
Wexler Regal Wabash Soprano Ukulele back
It has Rotosound strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A

1950's Regal Soprano at Lardy's Ukulele Database

An un-rebranded Regal

(Regal made) Wexler Wabash

Made by Regal in Chicago in the 1950's but branded and sold by David Wexler Music as a Wabash, (Wexler's offices were on Wabash St. in Chicago). I believe the "J" (or whatever it is?) in the middle of the headstock was added after it was purchased as I have never seen another one with this mark on? The Ukulele itself is in pretty good shape for the age, there are a few scratches in the finish, particularly on the back of the headstock, and a bit of wear on the stencil work, but no splits or cracks. What it does demonstrate well though is the death of the Chicago made "student", (low end, budget, cheap - call it what you will), instrument manufacture. Though there is nothing specifically wrong with it, the quality of manufacture, and materials used, is significantly lower than the Japanese made instruments that came soon after; and really doesn't hold a candle to the quality of the equivalent Chinese production of today, (of course I should really see how the Chinese ukuleles look in 50 years time before making that comparison)