My 1970 Villafan

geronimo villafan corpus christi texas soprano ukulele
paracho Mexico soprano ukulele 1970
geronimo villafan school soprano ukulele
It has Rotosound strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A



Villafan Corpus Christi, Texas

What I have invited this time is a 1970 Villafan Soprano made in Paracho, Mexico for a "teaching music using a Ukulele", project run in the schools of Corpus Christi, Texas. I know all of this because I did some research on them, and I did the research because I had bid on the Ukulele, having first seen it on ebay and marked it for watching, (as I had seen a couple crop up over the years so the brand was on my list of brands to research), then seen it, despite the low starting price, be unsold and relisted. Given the low starting price and the fact that it was not a Japanese made Ukulele, (not that there is anything wrong with a lot of Japanese made instruments of the period its just you see so many that they are not that interesting to get, especially all the way from the US), I thought I would have a small punt - not very much as shipping and import tax, (though this was still cheap enough there was no import tax), puts the price up - but no one bid last time so I thought it worth the starting price. Having bid I thought I should find out more about it in case no one bid this time too, and it came to Ukulele Corner. Thus I found out about the project in 1970 with Corpus Christi Schools and the Mexican Guitar maker Geronimo Villafan, which I added the the database; and no one bid again so
It's Here!

And it's very much "Hecho En Mexico" (it says so on the sound hole stamp) The plastic fretboard does make it look a bit like a Harmony from a distance but it is clearly a very different Ukulele close up; it was constructed with a "Spanish Heel" neck joint for a start. Very different bridge, very different headstock well very different neck altogether; and it looks like there is a bit of a bow in it? Whether this is due to age or whether it was made like that I will probably never know as I doubt I'll see another one. Another question I can't answer at the moment is what the stickers that were on the back were, (the one on the headstock is in the same sort of place as "Made in Japan" stickers are on Japanese ukes of a similar vintage, but why would it have a made in Mexico sticker here as it already has the stamp in the sound hole?) or whether they were original or aftermarket add ons? (My guess would be aftermarket). You can see it was fairly cheaply made, as along with being all laminate the body joints, though still firm, are rather visible. That it's cheaply made is not to say it's not well made though, it is all still very solid for a 45 year old Ukulele and holds it tuning well too. As you can see getting in Ukulele Corner has been a bit of an education for me - Thank you Corpus Christi School Board

Another thing that I don't know whether it's aftermarket or not, is the green vinyl carry bag? It's certainly contemporary with it and something I will keep in a safe place too. It's not a very good bag but it adds to the overall story.