Selcol the Columbian Plastic Acoustic Soprano Ukulele

My "Columbian"
(their spelling)

Selcol columbia british plastic soprano ukulele
UK made columbian white plastic soprano Ukulele
Selcol british plastic soprano ukulele
It came with reasonable strings so I have left them and it is tuned g~C~E~A



Selcol "the Columbian"

Selcol are the British plastic musical instrument manufacturer of the 1960's. Well they made lots of plastic things including garden furniture but they also had some relationship with Mario Maccaferri and Selmer Guitars so they have some pedigree music wise and produced a number of plastic Ukulele and Guitars through the 50's and 60's.

Most of their Ukuleles were more promotional to go along with the popular acts of the time including the Rolling Stones, Tommy Steele(!), Sooty(?) and famously the Beatles, (you see a lot of their various Beatles Guitars including the one that uses the Mickey Mouse shaped body).

Anyway they had one stab at making a proper plastic Ukulele, not promoting anything, just to have a "real" plastic Ukulele this side of the Atlantic and it was called, for some reason, "the Columbian"?

My Columbian is in fairly good condition with an off white/cream front and a marbled brown faux wood back and sides, though there is a little "bellying" of the sound board now and the action is a little high. Despite this it keeps tune very well and has a good tone, perhaps a little short on sustain, but at least as good as any US made plastic Ukulele I have played. And this goes for the build quality too.