Supertone with a splatter finish

My Speckly Supertone

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Supertone Standard with drip finish

I got this as kind of, part of a job lot on ebay with a JR Stewart Le Domino, This is a Supertone that I had only seen small blurry pictures of before, with a decoration that was referred to as "Duco" or "Crystal". Of the few that I had seen, most were fully covered with the crackle/crystal finish, but I had seen one that was only part covered; like there was a protective cover put over the top so only part was over patterned. Having only seen one of these before, and not a good picture at that, I had a closer look and thought the painting was so crisp that it must be a recent referb job? Suspecting this might be the case for why the Le Domino was so pristine looking too, I contacted the seller and asked if it had been refurbished? The seller told me that he didn't do it; and the person that he got it from, the person who had imported it into the UK some time ago, didn't do it either.

I was keen on inviting this but it was listed as finishing before the Le Domino, which I wanted more, and which I fully expected the price to double on both before they was finally sold. If they had come up the other way round I would have waited, and if I didn't get the Le Domino, I would go for this. as it was the wrong way round though, and I was reluctant to spend a lot on this, and then have to spend a lot more for the Le Domino, so I tried putting a cheeky offer in to buy both of them now. As, up to this point and it was a couple of days after the auctions started, (everyone know all of the serious bidding only happens in the last few seconds on an auction), no-one had bid on the Supertone, and I was the only bidder on the Le Domino, the seller took up my offer if I was willing to be a little less, (but still I think quite), cheeky. So off went the invitations to the both of them and I wonder gleefully now how many snipes have been thwarted but the auctions ending early?

Now it's here, the Supertone particularly is in remarkable shape, though the method of decoration is not the Duco crackle finish that I first thought. I'm guessing it must have involved masks and swinging paint pots to get that effect.