Regal Blue Label Soprano

My Sunburst Regal

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Tuned g~C~E~A


Blue Label Regal

What I have invited this time is a nice Blue Label Regal. I have a nice black label Regal, I have a number of Regal made Ukuleles from this era that have been rebranded by others, (Tonk Bros, Wexler Wabash, B&S Michigan...). I had a nice looking Blue Label Regal but I had to give it away to the Ukulele Doctor, then I had another even nicer Blue Label Regal but unfortunately it met with an "accident" (sic). So now here I am inviting another; I hope it not going to be the Spinal Tap Drummer of Ukulele Corner! This one is a nice late 30's or so, sunburst standard with no major issues; and hopefully once it gets here it will stay that way

I think it may be third time lucky. There are no issues that need sorting, (apart from trimming the strings and I can do that; if I don't replace them), so I won't have to show it to the Ukulele Doctor, and I am being extra, extra careful. The Decal is fine but the tuners are not original and it looks like the bridge has been reglued at some point but I don't think either of these detract from it. My biggest concern is that the action looks very high, (as is often the case with Ukuleles of this vintage), but there is nothing really I can do about that. Still it will be good for fingerpicking and I did invite it largely for show. If I keep it cased when not in use it should last safely for another 80 years.