Regal Stencil Soprano

My swirly Regal

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Tuned g~C~E~A

Regal Vacationer

Whilst negotiating the price on the Pennant Ukulele and the intricacies of UK import tax, the conversation turned to how I like some of the other ones he had for sale, particularly a stencil painted Regal. A couple of days later having taken what I had said about tax in to account he dropped the price of the Regal so I would be under the import tax threshold if I invited it.With this level of customer service, how could I not?

The Regal is here now, and it's quite a fatty. When I tried putting it in a standard Soprano case, it wouldn't fit. Fatness aside, this one is in better condition than the Pennant, but doesn't have any tuners or a nut, (prior to buying it I knew about the tuners; but not the nut). I have a set of cream button friction tuners that go quite nicely given its cream coloured background so I've fitted them but it's still not playable because I don't have a nut that I can use. When I looked online for a replacement, I couldn't find anything appropriate so a new one will have to be made.

I'm not sure it was part of the "Vacationer" range, but it is somewhere around contemporary with that promotion and it has a simple but colourful stencil design like the Vacationer Ukuleles I have seen so I will call it one unless I can find out for sure it's not.