british 1930's plastic bakelite soprano ukulele

My Pearloid Special

British 1930s Soprano Ukulele
european pre war standard ukulele back
mother of toilet seat ukulele
It has Rotosound strings and is tuned g~C~E~A



The Pearloid Special

Like ƒ holes I am a sucker for perloid and this one as not only a perloid fretboard but a perloid golpeador too! I'm not entirely sure of the maker? I know it is 1930's and European, maybe British(?) made. I am assured that it is all in good order with no splits, cracks or major chips, (of course it still might be a right clunker and these assurances might not be true?) I hope that I can work out more about its maker when it gets here.

Now it's here and in worse shape than I had hoped. It is missing 4 frets which I did ask about and the seller was a bit evasive over, and the soundboard is coming away at the top bout; which there was no mention of - moral never trust an ebay sellers description of an old Ukulele with no issues. On the plus side I think all of the faults are fairly easy fixes, other than these it is in remarkably unplayed looking condition and I do love the pearloid fretboard and golpeador; very period and authentic, also I think very retro and hip. I think it's old case is quite funky too and not like any I have seen before, which given that there are no makers markings on it makes it difficult to say who made it? It was clearly of reasonable quality when it was made and the bridge has a proper and separate saddle which again points to quality and also the possibility of German/Czech origins, though the perloid makes me think English; or possibly French? I'll need to keep my eye out for more old catalogues, (and get it fixed)

It's fixed now, thanks to Butser Mountain Music for another fine job