1920s Regal Black Label Soprano perloid fretboard at Ukulele Corner

My Black Label Regal

It has Rotosound strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A



Black Label Regal with a Pearloid Fretboard

What I have invited this time is a 1920's Regal black logo Soprano with a perloid fretboard. I know its 1920's because Regal had started using the blue logo by 1930, (but I don't know exactly when the change was). It was one of those auctions where I put in the first bid and knew I wasn't going to go much higher because of there was a number of "issues" with it, and because it was coming from Trumpton the postage was already quite high. However it when the full course of the auction and no one else bid, so I got it for the starting price. There was a slight hiccup at this point because when I paid I saw the seller had said they weren't going to ship internationally(!), but it was going through ebay international shipping, so via Kentucky and I now have a tracking number for it so it must be on the way

It's arrived safely and I am right back to normal because it's a lot of a clunker! As well as the two missing frets, the neck is loose, (hence the missing 12th fret), there are 3 fairly poorly fixed cracks on the back and the nut has been replaced with a small piece of metal!! On the plus side though I'm told the neck, (which was what I was most worried about), can be easily reset, the trickiest part being unsticking the pearloid tongue that goes onto the body. The cracks may not be that pretty but they are solid and I can get a new nut made. The black logo is nice and clear and there is a good inner soundhole label too which all add to the overall look of the Ukulele as a nice early vintage Regal.