Harmony Supertone Pep Leader Soprano Standard Ukulele

My Pep Leader

harmony decal print soprano ukulele
supertone twentys pep leader decal soprano ukulele
sears pepleader ukulele
Tuned g~C~E~A with fluorocarbon strings

sears pepleader ukulele

Supertone Pep Leader Soprano

Someone else's
with inner label and top decal

Harmony made Pep Leader

I have just invited that old stalwart of the 1920's "decal decoration" Sopranos, the Pep Leader. Made by Harmony and usually sold under the Supertone brand, this one doesn't appear to have the usual Supertone internal labels and is sadly missing the headstock decal, (that says "Pep Leader" - Regal stole a march on them with its Cheerleader design). However it does have a fine lower decal of the classic 20's art modern man with the megaphone, along with its 12th fret, all of the original tuners and all of its seams intact. So apart from the top decal it looks in very good shape and very welcome at Ukulele Corner.

Now it's here and there is no sign of any internal labels but apart from that, (and the missing top decal) it is in remarkably fine condition, it just needs strings. So I'll string it up and play peppy songs on it; and if I can work out a way to make a new pep leader decal I'll put that on it too?

Now I've looked more closely at it there are sadly a couple of issues; the decal is very fragile and prone to flake if I'm not very careful, the slot for the A string is a bit wide now (I found this and the fragility of the decal out while trying to string it - I have succeeded but it took a bit of work), and there is some seam separation at the top (when you play it) on the upper bout. So more of a clunker than I had hoped but still not too bad for the money I paid to invite it.