BL&F Pennant Soprano with perloid fretboard

My Pearloid Pennant

x Top x Back x Under
Tuned g~C~E~A


BL&F Pennant

While doing the eBay feedback for the seller of the P'MICo Waterskiers I discovered that he is some kind of dealer in vintage Ukuleles, and that he has a number more up as "buy it now" also at a reasonably price, (well some of them are a bit steep but others are good), and a very reasonable postage cost as well. So reasonable in fact that I thought I would put an offer in for another one, only this time I made a point of offering under the import tax threshold. As I'm now a "good" customer he accepted the offer and now a Barth, Lutchen and Feinberg Pennant Soprano Ukulele is coming to Ukulele Corner; and this one definitely does have a perloid fretboard.

It's here now, and its a little more beat up than I'd hoped with some seams going, a small crack on the top and a couple of small cracks on the bottom, plus a chunk of the bridge has gone and this is going to make it hard to put an A string on. Oh and the 12th fret has gone too. Still with the nice perloid headstock and fretboard, and all of the nice decals, front and back, it is very decorative; and I invited here, for it's decorative merits rather than it's playability and tone.