pre-war Harmony Soprano

My pre war Harmony

x Top x Back x Under
Tuned g~C~E~A


Red Label Harmony

Now I know I have already invited a few old Harmony Ukuleles to Ukulele Corner, but this one isn't a Supertone; or branded by one of the Jobbers. This one is a proper Harmony with a proper Harmony gold and red logo.
Now I'm not sure when Harmony changed to the gold and green logo but I know they were using gold and red in 1928 when the Johnny Marvin came out. So no plastic fretboard on this one and I'm not sure of the quality or wood involved but the is a nice striping front and back, and not to much fixing up needed

Now it's arrived and I have seen a lot of newer Harmony's that were in a lot worse condition than this one!
OK so it does have new tuners on but they don't look out of place, (unless you go up really close and see the Phillips head screws), and it does have pretty naff strings, but they appear to be fairly new, and they would be easy enough to replace anyway. Apart from that there are no missing frets, no splits or cracks, not even any bad scratches and it has a very nice "dark tiger stripe" effect front and back. it would be nice to know when Harmony switched from the gold and red logo to the gold and green one so I could date it more accurately, (but I would like to know that anyway?) All in all this one is a fine veteran Ukulele and it's good to go.