Fin-Der Mauna Loa Plastic Soprano Ukulele with original strings

My Blue and White Mauna Loa

Finder plastic Ukulele
Plastic Mauna Loa Ukulele back
Its tuned g~C~E~A and has a set of original Finder Multi Coloured strings fitted

Mauna Loa Plastic Soprano Headstock logo at Lardy's Ukulele Database
The strings are described as "Flower coloured"

  • "Red Hibiscus"=A
  • "Blue Iris"=E
  • "Green Fern"=C
  • "Orange Ginger"=G

  • This idea was suppose to make it easier to learn to play and was copied by other makers at the time

    Fin-Der Mauna Loa

    George Finder a US designer who produced Plastic Ukuleles in the 1950's Like Maccaferri he saw his Ukuleles as proper musical instruments and didn't also make toys like Carnival and Emenee

    One of those eBay immutable laws that always seem to happen to me, Three 1950's Plastic Sopranos came on at once, 2 Fin-Ders and a Maccaferri. In order to ensure that I won one of the auctions I have ended up winning two, both the Fin-Ders, This does mean I can leave the original coloured strings on this one. The action of the Mauna Loa is much higher than the Diamond Head too but I think this is to do with bowing with age rather than any design. The Diamond head is definitely in better shape to play so this will be largely decorative and available for swap's hence having the old strings on this one

    The Mauna Loa was produced from the same moulds as the Diamond Head by Fin-Der though nowhere does it actually say Fin-Der on it and it would have been produced later in the decade. Aside from the obvious difference with the headstock, the front of the Mauna Loa is White whereas the Diamond Head is Cream. The back of my Mauna Loa is Blue whereas the Diamond Head is a kind of Brown Marbled Faux Wood effect, (though in both models there were different colour back's available), The tuning pegs are identical however as is the bridge and the moulding where the fret board meets the body; and no zero fret. Lots of different Ukulele models were produced by US plastic factories using these moulds and apart from the Diamond Head none of them credit George