1956 Levin honolulu soprano ukulele

My Levin Honolulu

swedish made honolulu Ukulele
Levin mahogany standard ukulele
It has Galli strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A



Levin Honolulu

This was another Ukulele that I couldn't let go by without having a fairly serious go at. It's a 1959/60 Levin Honolulu Soprano, made in Sweden a few years before Martin brought Levin and for those that don't know Levin was reputedly a very, very good maker. So good in fact that they use to make instrument for Martin to brand, (which is why Martin brought them). However they are quite rare and don't come up for sale very often so when this one came up I knew I would have to have a go though really the amount I bid for it was more in the hope that no one else would know who Levin were; a hope that paid off and now it too is coming to Ukulele Corner as a welcome new resident.

Its here now and its a lot heavier that most of my Sopranos, and with a 353mm scale a little bit bigger too; it is still a Soprano but only just. This is a quality instrument, and very solid but the strings on this one badly need replacing. I think the distinctive stepped headstock looks cool though the heel is not as tidy as I would have hoped. I don't know if this is as a result of age (and abuse) or if it was made like this?