Japanese made B&J Kent Soprano Ukulele

My Ken(t)

Buegeleisen and Jacobson Kent Ukulele
Guyatone made Kent Ukulele
Buegeleisen and Jacobson Kent Ukulele
It has Rotosound strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A



B&J Kent (made in Japan)

A Ukulele that is confused by its location?

It was made in Japan -by Guyatone or maybe Teisco- for a New York Distributor -Buegeleisen & Jacobson- but has the name of an English County -Kent!
Well however mixed up its sense of direction is its going to find its way to Ukulele corner very soon. It is as I said, Made in Japan in the 1960's probably by Guyatone but it's hard to be sure because Teisco, (who also made Kent branded instruments for Buegeleisen & Jacobson), made Ukuleles that look very similar and this is another Ukulele that doesn't have its original tuners. I don't have a nice Japanese Soprano in the corner at the moment so this one will make a nice addition though

Its Here now, and sadly a bit more beat up than I'd hoped. A pity really as this was once a really nice looking Ukulele - and still is, from a distance, but it looks worse the closer you get. The neck has been reset at some time, it solid and pretty straight but not particularly well finished. And something has happened to the bottom seem too? I don't know quite what and it all looks physically sound now but there is a lot of scuffing. The bridge looks like its starting to lift too (and I can't work out if it has been reset or if its just where its starting to lift?) Finally there is the headstock, the T has gone from the Kent logo, but the main problem in the replacement tuners. They weren't fitted very neatly and they are too big. In fact I have taken them off already and after a good clean and wax I will put a smaller set of friction tuners, more like the original ones, on it. I will also ask around to see if there is anything I can do about tidying up the neck. I fear its another one that's going to spend most of its time hanging though rather than being played - But I think I've brought enough clunkers for a while (until the next "Bargin" comes along...)