JR Stewart LeDomino

My Le Domino

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Tuned g~C~E~A


J.R. Stewart Le Domino Standard

I got this as kind of, part of a job lot on ebay with a decorated Supertone. As it is one of my favorite Ukuleles of all time, I was very keen on inviting this but it was listed as finishing after the Supertone, which I also wanted, and I fully expected the price to double on both of them before they was finally sold. If they had come up the other way round I would have waited, and if I didn't get this, or if the Supertone was still at a reasonable, (but that would have been hoping), price I would go for that as well. As it was the wrong way round though, and I was reluctant to spend a lot on this, and then have to spend a lot more or lose the Supertone, I tried putting a cheeky offer in to buy both of them now.

As up to this point, and it was a couple of days after the auctions started, (everyone know all of the serious bidding only happens in the last few seconds on an auction), no-one had bid on the Supertone, and I was the only bidder on this, the seller took up my offer if I was willing to be a little less, (but still I think quite), cheeky. So off went the invitations to the both of them and I wonder gleefully now how many snipes have been thwarted but the auctions ending early?

It's here now and it's is in pretty good shape. It has a small shrinkage split in the back and I would have the Ukulele Doctor look at it but I'm afraid he also has the Le Domino as one of his favorites Ukuleles of all time and might want to keep it like he did with the red Regal. Apart from the small split in the back, all of the decals are in pretty fair shape and it still has all of the "Film Noir" majesty that I associate with the Le Domino