20's Walnut J R Stewart Soprano Ukulele

My Walnut J.R.Stewart

JR stewart Soprano Ukulele
walnut chicago j r stewart Ukulele
Tuned g~C~E~A with Rotosound strings



J.R. Stewart

This is a plain, (as in not a Le Domino), J.R. Stewart Soprano. Its a bit of a clunker as there is a crack on the lower bout soundboard but hopefully I can get it fixed. I qualify the term plain because its quite a dramatic (unbookmarked) walnut grain both front and back (that the seller assures me has no other cracks). Once again though I put in a low bid on ebay, (in this case the starting price), thinking I'm bound to get outbid and no one else bid! so I got it for the starting price!

It's here now and it is pretty, but on the down side there are two small cracks under the bridge, they don't notice much at the moment but they are only going to get worse if left unrepaired with the strings under tension. There are a couple of other chips as scrapes on it too, as a result of it being made in the second half of the 1920's so nearly 90 years old and a little shrinkage so the frets need dressing, I think the shrinkage is also what caused the cracks, (well it's in soggy old blighty now so it won't dry out any more). The strings on it are fairly new but feel fairly naff. Also on the down side a stray mark on the import documents has led to me being charged an extra £12 in import duties; which is a bit of a bugger.