Yee hop and co Hawaiian mahogany co soprano Ukulele

My Hawaiian Mahogany

hawaiian mahogany co soprano ukulele not echo
vintage hawaiian made soprano ukulele back
c q yee hop soprano ukulele not echo
It has Galli strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A

Royal hawaiian hotel Soprano by the hawaiian mahogany company at Lardy's Ukulele Database

This has a Echo Label

Hawaiian Mahogany Co. / C.Q.Yee Hop & Co.

There is a bit of mystery about this Ukulele. It is for sure Hawaiian and made before 1939 but who by and when is more a matter of speculation. I am fairly sure it was produced by C.Q Yee Hops factory and probably after 1926 as the there is no tabu mark. I think as there is no sign of a sound hole label it was not one of the Echoes produced for mainland distribution so It probably started out being sold in Hawaii as part of the 30's tourist experience, and I think it is on a par with, if not a step up from Yee Hop's Royal Hawaiian Hotel ones, (though nowadays because it has no name it is less highly regarded by a lot of people - that whole provenance thing). If I am right about the maker, the question I can't quite answer is was it made before or after the name change from the Hawaiian Mahogany Co. (Hawaiian Mahogany was a marketing alternative name for Koa at the time, much like Swamp Mahogany is a marketing name for Nato today), to C.Q. Yee Hop & Co. but as they are both the same factory does it really matter? (I say factory but you can see from the build that it was clearly hand made so workshop is probably a better description)