Harmony D tuning stencil School soprano Ukulele

My helpful Harmony

Harmony Birch Soprano
green label Harmony Soprano Ukulele back
Harmony school Soprano Ukulele

ukulele d tuning
This is the tuning and it has D'Addario strings



Harmony Classmate

A 60's classic from the Harmony Company of Chicago U.S.A (as the logo on the headstock informs us). The body is solid Maple or maybe Birch and it has an all wood bridge, however the fretboard is all plastic. It also has the classic Harmony "Shark's Tooth" tuning pegs and the post war classic green label Harmony decal logo

The red stencil on the front shows the Ukulele D tuning and for this reason I have replaced the strings  with some D'Adarios and tuned it to a~D~F#~B. We wouldn't want to call it a liar now would we,. For its age it is in reasonable condition, (it has a repaired crack in the back), but it still plays well and sound good.

I believe the Ukulele was produced for a US schools program in the early 60's and the Stencil was to help pupils with the tuning, (of course you were stuffed if you were left handed!)