Lapin Happy Tunes plastic Soprano

My happy Happy Tunes

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Tuned g~C~E~A


Lapin Happy Tunes

When I first saw this on eBay, it was being offered at a ridiculously high opening price, but never having seen one for sale before I watched to see if it was me that was wrong in my estimation of the value and not the seller? Well it went through the auction with no bids, so it appeared I was right. Then the seller relisted it starting at a sixth the original starting price for the auction or a "buy it now" price at a quarter the original price. This time I was set to bid until I decided the "buy it now" price was about right so I sent out the invitation.

It's here now and it's is in immaculate condition!! No cracks, no scratches, no bellying; the only issue is I don't think the tuners are original? But they are a good match and you only really notice it if you look closely and see the cross head screws in them. It also sounds a lot better than most plastic Ukuleles too, contemporary or modern, so with this and the build quality this was never a "toy" like the Carnivals or all of the other Lapin made Ukuleles I've seen