1960's Kamaka Gold Label Soprano Ukulele

My 60's Kamaka

1960's Kamaka Hawaiian Soprano Ukulele
1960's Kamaka Hawaiian Soprano Ukulele
Kamaka Gold Label Soprano Ukulele side view
It has Galli strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A



Gold Label Kamaka

It was one of those cases where I look at Ukuleles that are getting near to the sell time on ebay in case there are any bargains and I saw this Kamaka. Gold Label, so before 1969, (should have an exact date on the sound hole label but they didn't give that), One of the tuners has lost the plastic button (unlikely to get an original replacement but should be able to do something reasonable), needs new strings (I can do that), but no cracks (says this and I can't see any on the photos) Just the kind of Kamaka I want - and though not cheap on the grand scheme of things, particularly for someone with no pay cheque coming in, cheap for a nice 60's Kamaka. I thought "I've got to have a go, bound to be outbid straight away but..." and I bid the next increment, fully expecting to be auto outbid straight away, but no! Hour and a half left, all the real bidding happens in the last 10 seconds, bound to be outbid then...

It's Here!! I've had a good look and there are no cracks! Apart from the tuner and a bit of wrinkling on the label it's in lovely shape. There is however no date of manufacture on the label, (which is a little sad - Kamaka say they put a date of manufacture on up to 1975 and they started using white labels in 1969 so this is older - it also doesn't have a serial number that they replaces dates with) so lets say 1968; height of the hippy boom and easy access to Maui Wowee they forgot (it would also explain why there lots of excess glue and the frets are a little slapdash - I blame George). Even with the lack of date there is no doubt in my mind it is 100% genuine and very light, but I have removed the old, (may even have been original?) strings and not kept them they were basic nylon and not in good shape. I did find a similar tuner, slightly different top washer but you'd never notice - And it lives up the the Hype!