Beare and Sons BS Masters british made Soprano Ukulele

My B&S Master
UK Made

george houghton and son sunburst soprano standard ukulele
British made pre war soprano standard sunburst ukulele
beare and son master soprano standard ukulele
Tuned g~C~E~A



B&S (Beare and Sons) Masters

What I have invited this time is a Beare and Son pre war Soprano under the B&S Master branding; and is British not US made. Why I took the risk given the issues is that the bridge design and the shape of the bottom of the fretboard leads me to suspect that it was made by George La Foley. I know Beare and Son distributed his instruments in the 30's though I've only seen them under his name and not rebranded, but I am hopeful and until it gets here and I can check the neck stock inside the body for his stamp I won't be sure (I didn't like to ask the seller as I didn't want to give my suspicions away). As its not very far away and I'm going to collect it I won't have to wait long to find out. but even if it isn't La Foley the neck fix looks pretty straightforward, (it's coming with a clear gap where the neck needs re-attaching properly), and it will still be very welcome at Ukulele Corner.

It's here now and though very lovely it's not made by George La Foley, more likely George Houghton, (I know B&S distributed their Banjos; and rebrand them too)? Now I can look at it properly I see the bridge is not right, all of the neck join is wrong and there is no separate fretboard, plus of course there is no stamp or other mark of La Foley inside, (That said there is no mark of GH&S either so it may not be one of theirs? but there are no makers marks at all so I can only surmise as to the OEM). There is also more damage than I first thought too, The heel has an old repair as well as the current issue of needing a reset and this old repair might make that a trickier job. It looks like the bridge is lifting a little and it baaadly needs a fret dressing. Still it has a lovely sunburst type finish and there are no cracks or structural issues like that to worry about. One thing it does suffer from, and there is nothing I can do to fix, (even if I wanted to and I'm not sure I do), is the very sloppy placement of the tuners on the headstock. If this were from a Chinese factory today, even a Chinese QC would reject it