Jose Benidid spanish 1930s ukulele

My Jose Benedid

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Tuned g~C~E~A


Jose Benedid

I saw this pre civil war Spanish 11 fret Ukulele as part of a lot in a local,(ish - close enough to drive to to collect but not really close enough to drive to for a viewing - unless it is something good, and expensive), auction, along with a with a JHS Falcon redburst dreadnought Acoustic Guitar that needed at least a good clean. The auctioneer didn't know it was a Ukulele so I got no more information than the crappy picture, (I wasn't going to ask for any more information as I didn't want them to know what it was and increase the competition). From the picture, I'm hoping it's a Jose Benedid but more likely its a Manuel Lopez.

It's here now and I have removed the old gut strings and cleaned it up a bit, (a lot!). I have compared it to pictures of Manuel Lopez Ukuleles and the one picture of a Benedid Ukulele that I have and it does look more like the Benedid picture than the Lopez pictures so I'm going to go with that until anything comes up to change my mind.