11 fret jose fernandez ukulele

My German Jose

x Top x Back x Under
Tuned g~C~E~A


Jose Fernandez of Saxony

The first mystery is I don't have any idea how big this Ukulele is? It must be large enough to be playable because of all the strumming wear, but there was no size given and it wasn't pictured with anything I could use as a size reference. I'm guessing its a small Tenor because all of the other ones I have seen like this are; but that's only a guess.
The second mystery is, who made it? It was described as 1920's and it obviously is pre war at least, but no maker or anything, (though there may be something in the sound hole that I can't yet see?) the body shape and fretboard design does look like another Jose Fernandez, (if he was a maker and not just a distributor?) but the bridge isn't pin and its 11 frets to the body and these are fairly fundamental differences!

It's here now and it's a Soprano with a scale length of 13¼in It's also very nice even if the finish is a little worn and there is some seam separation at the back. I have no doubt that its from the same maker as my de Vekey and the others, even if it doesn't have bridge pins, so a Jose Fernandez, (or whoever he brought from).