1926 harmony Supertone drowsy waters Soprano

My Supertone

sears roebuck supertone Soprano Ukulele with canoe
silvertone supertone harmony standard Ukelele
Harmony Chicago Soprano Ukulele with canoe
It has fluorocarbon strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A
sears roebuck supertone Soprano Ukulele with canoe



Supertone "Drowsy Waters"

What I have invited this time is the iconic Supertone "Drowsy Waters" Soprano with the nice canoe decal. Made By Harmony and dating from the mid 20's through to the mid 30's, (it has the "standard approved label" in so must date from after 1926), there is a little separation of the seams that will need to be reglued but the decal is in good shape and that is the most un-repairable part. The reason for the invite was; well it was cheap, (obviously). I had been outbid and was going to let it go but I caught it just before going to bed with a couple of hours left and still at a pretty low price so I thought "I'll just bid a dollar more, that might be someone's maximum" and it was. So I went to bed winning but sure all of the action would happen at the end and it would sell to someone for at least $20 more than my offer, however that never happened and I woke up to a "Pay Now" and happily paid. After all it is a pretty iconic Ukulele design and very welcome at Ukulele Corner

Now it's here and the back does badly need to be reglued, (and it needs new strings), but apart from that it's in fine fine shape. Not crack anywhere, including the back plate, the decal is in as good a condition as the seller's photo showed, the bridge is firmly attached with no sign of having come off and been reattached. True there are some grooves where it had steel strings on, (but I had them off and in the bin as soon as I got it), but they are not too bad and there is still plenty of saddle left. If anything they will make the Ukulele better because they will lower the action and older Ukuleles generally have a higher action than I like. The frets could use a light redressing and the 12th fret, though there, looks a little loose. This is probably because the neck is not under tension at the moment with no strings on and it will be better once I string it up again, (once the back is glued).