german Brüko type 3 Soprano Ukulele

My rebuilt Type#3 Brüko

old Bruko type 3 soprano ukulele
Breuko type3 soprano ukulele

It has fluorocarbon strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A

Brüko Type#3

I got this very cheaply in an auction as it looked very "distressed" but came in a nice hard case. From the picture of it I couldn't even tell what Ukulele it was; or how bad a condition it was in? The case though, was worth the money I paid so getting it wasn't much of a gamble; and if it was in any way a gamble, the gamble paid off.

What arrived, (apart from the hard case), was a Brüko from the 50's or 60's that had certainly been in the wars! There is no doubt the neck has been off at some point and whilst it has been re-attached quite solidly, the join is not pretty and does look like it could do with resetting and the action is very high. What is most interesting about this job though is clearly the overlap of the fretboard had snapped too, and whoever fixed it back up took the fretboard back to the 10th fret replacing the missing section with a small piece of another fretboard. There is even some side marker dots on this piece, but they are on the treble side. It also looks like the bridge has been off too and again whilst it has been solidly reattached ,it is not a pretty job