Standard (a.k.a. Soprano)

The original scale length of between 32 and 36cm (12½ - 14 inches) Usually set at 34cm (13½ inches). This is the original Ukulele size and has been the most common size throughout the history of the Ukulele so there are lots of varieties out there. Some say that only this size can officially be called a Ukulele and that the other sizes should go under different names.

Here are all my Soprano Ukuleles
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Perloid Special

Hawaiian Mahogany Co.

J R Stewart walnut Soprano Ukulele
J.R. Stewart

Tonk American Soprano Ukulele
Tonk American

Kent MiJ Soprano Ulelele
B&J Kent

TV Pal
Mastro TV Pal

Reed Chicago Soprano Ukulele

Old (1930-70) European Acoustic Soprano
Brüko Type#3

1950's Martin S0 Soprano
Martin Style 0
Painted Hilo
Hand Painted Hilo
Jack Maskell Guitars Archtop Soprano Ukulele

Emenee Flamingo


Kumalae no.22 Soprano
Kumalae no.22

Selcol "the Columbian" Plastic Ukulele Soprano
Selcol the Columbian

Leonardo Bellini Acoustic Soprano circa 1933
Leonardo Bellini

José Alvaréz the Dulcet Soprano Ukulele
José Alvaréz Dulcet

Harmony Classmate

Lapin Happy Tunes plastic Soprano
Lapin Happy Tunes

Supertone Pep Leader
Harmony made Pep Leader
Carnival Combo Guitar
Carnival Combo Guitar
BL&F Pennant Soprano with perloid fretboard
BL&F pearloid Pennant
Hess Ukulele with Juka autoplayer
Ernst Hess Juka
1950's Fin-Der Mauna Loa Plastic Acoustic Soprano (with origional strings)
Fin-Der Mauna Loa
George La Foley Soprano
George La Foley

Sam Osborne Sammo

'59 Gibson
Gibson S1

Beat Guitar Plastic Acoustic Sopranino circa 1964
T Plastics "Beat Guitar"

Harmony Canoe 2 Colour Stencil Acoustic Soprano circa 1955
Harmony Canoe

Wexler Wabash

Beare & Sons "The Mitchigan" Soprano
B&S the Michigan
Levin Honolulu

1950's Fin-Der Diamond Head Plastic Acoustic Soprano
Fin-Der Diamond Head
Aloha Tabu
Aloha Mfg. Co
Hand & Co

Slingerland College Pal

John Grey
Gold Label Kamaka Ukulele
Kamaka Gold Label

Cold War Musima Soprano

Regal made Carson Robinson Cowboy Soprano
Carson Robinson Cowboy Uke

Victor brand Soprano

Cole and Dundas Marigolds Soprano
T&D Marigolds

Harmony Supertone  Idle Hours Soprano ukulele
Supertone "Drowsy Waters"

Emenee Jimmy Durant Hot Cha Cha plastic Soprano
Emenee Jimmy Durante

distressed Manuel Lopez Soprano
Manuel Lopez

Regal Blue Label Soprano
Sunburst Blue Label Regal
Maruha Gakki Seizo Soprano 14
Seizo 14
PMICo Collegiate Waterskiers Soprano ukelele
P'MICo Collegiate
B&S Masters Soprano
B&S Masters
Boosey & Hawkes Branded Brüko Acoustic Soprano pre 1970
Boosey & Hawkes
Clover Soprano
Pirles Zim-Gar

11 fret spanish
Jose Benedid

Globe Tru-Fret

Regal perloid Black Label Soprano
Black Label Regal

L Viohl
L. Viohl & Sons

L+H Camp
L&H Camp


Manhattan Band Instrument Co Winner
MBICo Winner