Disney-Pixar toy story 2 Woody Wooden Soprano Ukulele

My Woody Wood

toy story Ukulele
woody's roundup ukulele
toy story woody's roundup at ukulele Corner
It's tuned g~C~E~A and has D'Addario strings on

Woody Strummin and singin doll with Ukulele

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Disney-Pixar Toy Story 2

This is the Ukulele that is directly based on the one that appears in the film Toy Story 2. The WR is not the actual maker, (and I have no idea who is?) it stands for "Woody Roundup" the fictional TV show in the movie. This is a much better quality Ukulele than the Plastic one that was brought out to go along with Toy Story 3, (which I also have), both in terms of sound and of build quality. However it is still not the greatest for sound or build quality there is and the Disney supplied strings that came with it were fairly awful. I have replaced them with some D'Adarios I had spare and it does improve the sound and playability (still not marvelous though). Of course this is as much a Disney Collectable as it is a Ukulele and as such its value will probably be more closely tied to that. This in turn means I shouldn't play it much anyway in case of damaging the decoration