Disney Pixar toy story 3 Plastic soprano ukulele

My Plastic "Woody'"

first act disney plastic ukulele
plastic woody pixar ukulele
It is tuned g~C~E~A and still has the original strings on

disney pixar cars 2 plastic ukelele
The "Cars 2" model and the "Princesses" model
disney princesses pink plastic ukulele

Disney-Pixar Toy Story 3

This was brought out to accompany Toy Story 3 and is marketed as a "Mini Guitar" by Disney-Pixar, presumably because they think calling it a Ukulele would hurt the sales? It is sold partly as a toy and partly as a collectable but for all of its faults it is a proper functioning Ukulele. I say its faults because it has, I feel as someone who brought it as a collectable, quite a few. First the artwork on it is all stickers. I think if I'm not careful, in time the stickers will peel away. I don't think it would have been too hard to use some kind of printing of the artwork to improve the permanence?. Second the gluing of the body and neck, whilst solid is very visible; far more so than any of the other of my plastic Ukuleles. I'm not sure if this visibility will lead to cracking in the future? It is also a very soft plastic and very easy to scratch and mark. Finally as a musical instrument the body is quite thin leading to a lack of volume (this must hurt its appeal as a toy too?) and the strings it came with were quite shocking, (though proper Ukulele thicknesses) which also hurt the volume

On the plus side they have done a good job with the bridge and with the fretboard, (it has a 0 fret). It's no Maccaferri but its OK, particularly for the US price, and I think will be a collectors item in the future as they are not being sold in Europe. There are a number of other plastic models for other Disney-Pixar Films and shows some of which you can find in the UK. I got the Toy Story 3 edition because I think it will be the preferred option in years to come.

There is another version of the Woody's Roundup" Mini Guitar, this one was for Toy Story 2 and copies one that actually features in the film. It is wooden not plastic so is an altogether different Ukulele - Which is why I have a Wooden Woody too - It's not that I'm a huge Toy Story Fan