makala Waterman ghost transparent clear plastic soprano ukulele

My "invisible" Waterman

ukadelic plastic see through soprano ukulele
makala kala clear plastic waterman standard soprano ukulele
Kala plastic see through soprano ukulele
It's tuned g~C~E~A and has Aquila strings



Makala "ghost" Waterman

You know how it is, I was looking at a picture of the new (to the UK) transparent Makala Waterman plastic Sopranos and my finger accidentally slipped on the buy button, (and one the entering my current temporary address fields too - that's an awful lot of finger slipping!), so now one is trying to find me and hang until we can all move into the new Ukulele Corner, (hopefully before Christmas) I had been being very good and avoided the temptation of a number of others while I am stuck in limbo, (and I probably should have waited on this too - I bet the price goes down after Christmas). I have also said that I have more than enough plastic Ukuleles; they are not that good either to play or decoratively, but my caveat on that was "unless I got a transparent one" I don't know why but I have always liked the idea of a transparent Ukulele? - My other caveat is how many times have I said "no more clunkers" and then been unable to resist a bargain? I must say though I am looking forward to seeing how it compares to the other plastic Ukuleles that have come onto the market in the last year; and looking forward to welcoming a nice new Ukulele too. Well it's here now. wherever here is - and I am in trouble there are lots of things I should be doing rather than buying new Ukuleles, especially as all of the others are packed away. But it's nice to have a new Ukulele; even if I can't play it much, and I have no idea when I can take some proper photos of it. Or how? It is clear and so it going to present a few challenges, not least keeping it clean because at the moment it would be the dirt and grease spots that would show up the most. its also tricky because the strings need stretching but it makes a noise and I'm not suppose to make much of a Ukulele noise until I get my own house. At the moment it is more likely I write a review of it that I take photos or do a sound clip But then I did say in the last Aqulele review that the big elephant in the room was the lack of a waterman to compare it with, and now I can remedy this.