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My Laka Butterfly Wood VUS75

Vintage butterfly wood soprano Ukulele
laka boycote soprano ukulele vus 75
john hornby skewers butterfly wood soprano ukulele
It has Aquila nylgut strings and is tuned g~C~E~A



Laka butterfly wood VUS75

This model is now discontinued but I have always thought it was a striking looking Ukulele and had always had it vaguely on my wishlist - it's wasn't that expensive and it wasn't that rare, (still isn't); something to get if it was a "bargin", (and I have come "second" on a couple of ebay auctions for them). Well when I was doing my general Ukulele research and checked up one JHS and their current offerings I saw it was no longer on the website so I asked JHS about it and they said "the VUS75 is unfortunately now discontinued, but we do have one left in our showroom and if you would like it you can have it for just..."
Well The price was good but not spectacular and I do know of a few places where I could still get hold of one, but nevertheless what I would be getting from JHS was the official last one ever! How could I say no? I haven't seen the actual Ukulele yet so I can only hope it is one with some dramatic patternation, after all showroom ones usually are, and it might even be the one used for the official picture. Whatever when it arrives I will love it and it will be the official last one so that will always add to its kudos, (if ever it needed more kudos)

Now its here and it does have a fairly dramatic grain pattern, possibly not as dramatic as the publicity photo and it doesn't have the contrast of the publicity shot either, (which really makes me think the publicity shot is majorly photoshopped). On top of the looks, it's well made and sounds good too, I'm very glad I got the Last One. I hope I can do it justice with the photographs and with the sound clips because it really is a very nice Ukulele.