Vineyard Paddle triangle Soprano Ukulele

My Vineyard Paddle

Praiseland Triangle Soprano Ukulele
Cikuan Triangle Soprano Ukulele
it has Aquila strings, (not GHS), and is tuned g~C~E~A

It will stand up on its flat base but it is a little front heavy so is inclined to fall forward it you are not careful

Praisland advert for Vineyard Ukulele

Advert from Praiseland
the US distributors

Vineyard Paddle

A Triangular Shaped Ukulele is sometimes referred to as a "Paddle" as it is supposed to resemble a canoe paddle? It is not however a traditional Hawaiian shape

This is one of my first imports from the US of Ukuleles that are not available in the UK, (or even Europe). It taught me a lot about the process but it was quite slow and adds about 40% to the US cost, (including a totally unjustifiable £12.50 to the post office that you can't avoid!).

It came along with my Vineyard Flying "A" and like the "A" it is a much better sounding Ukulele than the retail price would imply. Its very easy to play with good friction tuners. It came with Aquilla's, not the GHS strings advertised, and its own shaped, (not very good), canvas gigbag as, although it is a little smaller in the bout that the "A" it doesn't fit into standard cases either

I'm not sure its still being made I have seen the "A" and other Vineyard Ukuleles for sale recently but not this paddle