Vineyard Flying V Soprano ukulele

My Blue Flying "A"
by Vineyard

Vineyard Flying A Soprano ukulele
praiseland v ukulele back
praiseland Vineyard Flying vee Soprano ukulele
It has Aquila strings and is tuned g~C~E~A

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Vineyard Flying A

This is one of those Ukulele's that are made somewhere in China and then exported with whatever name the importer wants to put on. I have predominantly seen in sold by Praiseland in the USA with a Vineyard "V" logo on the headstock. I have seen it on sale elsewhere though, under different names, and clearly it's a different Ukulele to the Mahalo Flying "V" and its clones, (I would say it's a lot better too - certainly easier to play)

I got mine from Florida in the US as an import, (to see how it went - it took a month to arrive and doubled the price!) so it has all of the Vineyard branding and the catalogue description of the colour is "Baby Blue" (the alternatives are Natural and "Seafoam Green". My Vineyard Paddle is "Seafoam Green")

The Ukulele itself is surprisingly good for the money, (even with the importing costs), and though all of the advertising says it has GHS strings, the shop put Aquilla's on mine. It not only has a good satin finish with no paint where it shouldn't be, no excess glue and smooth frets, but it has a very good tone too - and you can't fault the intonation. This is a good solid take anywhere Ukulele, easy to play for beginners, striking and different enough to want to keep if you get a more expensive one for best. If I lost this I would definitely try and get hold of another.

It also came with its own gigbag which is not great quality but useful as it doesn't fit into anything else smaller than a Tenor case, (its body is bigger than the Paddle so it won't go into the paddle case either)