Veelah Vamboo Bamboo Soprano Ukulele

My Veelah Vamboo

China Taiwan bamboo cutaway soprano ukulele
velah vamboo bamboo taiwan ukulele
chinese bamboo soprano ukelele at Ukulele Corner
The Vamboo currently has Aquila Strings on and is tuned to g~C~E~A



Veelah Vamboo

Veelah are a Taiwanese Brand though I suspect the Ukuleles are actually made on the Mainland as the headstock and fretboard shape is identical to some of my other Chinese made Ukuleles. They have dedicated this Ukulele to Mother Earth as being made of Bamboo the Ukulele has very "Green" credentials. I got one partly because I wanted a Bamboo Ukulele but mainly because of the name - who doesn't want to play the Vamboo (coming to the rescue - big SAHB fan)

Being made of Bamboo it doesn't have the lovely wood smell when you sniff inside the sound hole; if fact it smells quite unpleasant. Also, with all of the gluing needed to put the strips together, I worry about cracking, but at the moment its all solid, has a very good tone and is very nice to play, (if you don't mind the smell!).

A year on and the smell has almost gone, (it was so impressively bad I'm not sure if I'm sad about this?) There are no structural problems and it still plays very nicely