Tom Cedar and Rosewood laminate Soprano at Ukulele corner

It's mine now!

Queen Music Tom Cedar Rosewood Uke
good Chinese Ukulele back
Queen Music Tom Cedar Rosewood Uke
This comes with Aquila strings, bone nut and saddle and I have tuned it g~C~E~A



Tom TUS-690

No interesting backstory here really, this was lent to me by James of Doreal Music and he asked me to tell him what I thought of it - I've been asked to do a proper review! And that's not a good back story?

Out of the box, this is a very pretty Ukulele the solid cedar soundboard has a much warmer more honey shade than spruce and this is nicely offset by the very dark, almost ebony, of the rosewood back and sides. The neck is a standard nato affair with a rosewood fretboard and some nice diamond cross fret markers adding a little more class to the overall look. The high gloss finish is very good especially on the back and sides and the iridescent T on the headstock and sound hole rosette are a nice touch too. On the down side the bridge looks a little less classy than the rest of the instrument and when you look up close there are a couple of places where the finish could have been better, (but you do have to look up close) These gripes should be set against the price though, for what it sells for the whole finish is far better then you have any right to expect

On to how it plays; the strings are Aquila so you can't complain there. The factory setup is, as always a little high, (on the basis that it is easier to lower the setup than to raise it), but not so much it is a problem - if it was mine I would lower in a couple of mm, but its fine to play as it is and the intonation is very good all the way up the fret board. The nut and the saddle may be bone rather than plastic as you would expect for the price, but they are not great, just OK. The same can be said for the open gear tuners, the big toffee coloured plastic knobs suit the overall look, they are easy and pretty accurate but quality wise they are just OK. I'm not trying to damn it with faint praise here just be honest, and again for the price everything is at least as good a quality as you could hope for. One thing I do like about Tom when they set up a Ukulele though is they realise that most people are right handed so they string it with the excess string at the bridge pointing down and not digging into your hands as you play, (unlike Kala, Riptide, aNueNue and lots of the others)

Finally the sound; This Ukuleles sounds way, way... way better than you have any right to expect for the money. The cedar gives it a deeper, warmer tone that the spruce soundboards, and in my opinion a better tone than a lot of my mahogany Ukuleles

As I've said it's a well enough made Ukulele and very pretty but the tone is exceptional and part of me hopes James forgets to ask for it back

Well I've had it for four months now and sent James quite a few emails asking him what he wants me to do with it, none of which he has acknowledged so unless he does want to contact me about what to do with it I shall assume it's now a permanent, (and welcome), resident at Ukulele Corner