Stagg Zebra safari graphic Soprano Ukulele

My Zebra Stagg
thank you

Stagg painted zebra ukelele
Stag white budget Ukulele
It has black Stagg Strings and is tuned g~C~E~A

Stagg painted zebra ukelele



Stagg Safari Series Zebra

I like Ukuleles! My Sister likes Zebras? So when she saw this she knew what she was getting me for Christmas...

The Ukulele itself is part of the Stagg 2012 safari graphic series along with the green Flamingo and the blue Giraffe. They have a nato neck and a basswood body and, apart from the bold graphics are the standard budget fair. What I particularly like about mine though is the bright green saddle, nut and tuning buttons. (In case you are wondering about the Eyes, it is a label in the sound hole that you have to line up to get the eye effect)

It comes in quite high for budget pricing and does have that little bit of extra quality to justify that. The paint and decal finish is good, the neck is straight and the action is quite low. It sounds ok, is quite nice to play and would be a good first Ukulele if you like the patterns