MFC licence Schoenhut chinese made flea soprano ukulele

My Purple Schoenhut
Not Butterflies at all

licenced flea butterfly ukulele
plastic bowl back soprano ukulele
It has GHS strings on (well they feel like GHS?) and its tuned g~C~E~A

Magic Fluke Limon Flea Soprano Ukulele

My Flea

Schoenhut Butterfly

Of course the key question everyone's asking though is how does it compare to the MFC Flea? Well superficially very well the only obvious difference when you look at it (apart from having Schoenhut written all over it) is the tuners look cheaper, I suppose it is a little glossier too. Overall the quality of the finish is pretty good and lets make no bones about it as a budget starter Ukulele this is pretty good. Despite what MFC say the flea isn't a budget starter Ukulele, its more than 5 times the price of this and, (apart from better quality tuners), the place where this shows is in the sound. The Flea is significantly louder and fuller than this. That said it was only when I had the two together I thought this, the Schoenhut sounds fine and probably would sound better with better strings (I have Aquilas on my Flea).