Samwill Rope pacific walnut Soprano ukulele

My Samwill Rope

handmade chinese soprano ukulele
Sawmill soprano ukulele back
It has Aquila strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A



Samwill Black Walnut

The Samwill, (sometimes misread as Sawmill), Handmade Ukulele & Mandolin Musical Instrument Co. is a small Taiwanese manufacturer trying to work like a luthier. They have a small output that are largely handmade with a range of standard models, a custom department, and usually a wait if you order, for them to build the Ukulele

This was a special sample Samwill made for a US distributor; but the distributor decided not to go with Samwill and sold it off cheap - to me, (though shipping and tax doubled the price).

Why they didn't go with Samwill I don't know? This is a really nice Ukulele it is very well made with all of the rope binding, (and there is a lot of it, even on the bridge and fret board!) being proper wood inlay not just a printed pattern. All of the body is solid American Black Walnut, no laminate. It also has a really good tone and a great action when playing. All in all this is as good a Ukulele as any I have.