Risa Stick Electric Ukulele Soprano

My Risa Stick

Risa Stick Ukulele
Risa Soprano Stick Ukulele back
Risa electric travel Ukulele
it is tuned g~C~E~A, with Risa, (Worth), Strings and I think it is my best sounding fully electric Ukulele

Risa Stick Concert at Lardy's Ukulele Database

the Concert

Risa Stick Tenor at Lardy's Ukulele Database

the Tenor

Risa Stick

Risa is a German manufacturer that specialises in electric Ukuleles and has some innovative designs; this stick design being one of them. When they first started making this design they put friction tuners on but for the last year or so they have been using planetary geared tuners originally designed for Banjo's. Mine has the planetary tuners and they do make it much easier to tune, (I have heard that they are difficult to restring though, and I'm very happy with the Risa Fluorocarbon strings it came with, so for the moment I won't try).

Risa make the stick as a Soprano, (natural beech like mine or stained black) , Concert or Tenor (but the Tenor is Walnut), and all of them have a very good passive Shadow pickup under the bridge. They made a Guitarlele version for a while but it is discontinued now. They all come with an ingenious gig bag as well. Ingenious because the shoulder strap can be taken off and used and a ukulele strap, (and it's needed because they can't be held with your forearm like a normal Ukulele)