Ovation Applause Roundback Acoustic Soprano Ukulele

My UA20-5E

Applause by ovation black soprano ukulele
ovation ukuleles plastic round back
This has my favorite (apart from the colour; though it works well here), Aquila Red strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A



Applause UA20-5E

This is made by Ovation as part of its Applause range. Ovation do a couple of different Soprano models but this is the one that most closely copies the classic Guitar sound hole look. It also has a round plastic back like the iconic Ovation Guitars.

I am a big fan of Ovations and this Ukulele doesn't disappoint - too much. It is quite quiet and not a very forgiving player, it also has a distinctive sound, I like it, but its not exactly traditional, so if you are looking for the classic Koa, Mahogany or Spruce Ukulele tone this isn't the one for you. I have messed around with the strings and tunings on this one quite a bit but now I have settled on the Aquila Reds they work really well getting the best out of the tone and the red over black looks pretty good too - still quite quiet though.

Mine came with a very low action and I did have some problems with fret buzz when it was new, (always a worry when buying unplayed, over the Internet). This was largely solved by changing the strings, thought I did adjust the bridge height as well, (and Ovation make this easy by putting a few shives in under the saddle so all you have to do is remove some until you get the high you want or take one out and use it as a template to make some more with a sharp knife and an old yoghurt pot). Apart from the fret buzz this is a very well made Ukulele and with the plastic bowl back one that is not so vulnerable to humidity