Nukulele bottle shaped Soprano Ukulele

My Cider Nukulele

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It has Aquila strings and is tuned g~C~E~A
slainte nukulele bottle soprano at ukulele corner
Nukulele Soprano

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Autumn Gold Nukulele

What I have invited this time is a bottle shaped Soprano Nukulele. Now I do already have one but this is a different one of the six designs they came with than the one I already have; and at the price it was, I just couldn't go past it. I'm sure it will look great on the side with the one I already have, and who knows maybe I will collect all six?

It's arrived now and it's exactly as I expected, which does mean no chips or scratches, (and that is important on a Ukulele that is there mainly to be looked at). I wonder what one I'll get next?