Redburst Makala Dolphin Soprano Ukulele

My Redburst Dolphin

kala dolphin bridge soprano Ukulele
Makala by Kala dolphin soprano ukulele
makala dolphin abs Ukulele
It is tuned G~C~E~A and has Low G Worth Browns on.
I've tried the Worths on a few Sopranos now and this one works the best
kala dolphin bridge soprano Ukulele
kala dolphin bridge soprano Ukulele

Concert Shark

Makala Dolphin

The general consensus in the Ukulele world is that the Makala Dolphin is the best budget starter Ukulele you can get. Its not a view I fully agree with, not counting second hand bargains there are other potentially good Ukuleles aimed at this level. I have played and own Mahalos that are just as good and I think if you hunt around you can find other brands too that have some reasonable Ukuleles for the money. What I think is the case is that with its ABS body the Dolphin is the most consistently good Ukulele for the money probably the safest if buying unseen, (what can be an issue here is that the bridge design has been widely copied, so there are a lot of fake all wood ones about! To counter this Kala has introduced a variant with a Shark shaped bridge instead of a Dolphin shaped one), and reasonably robust making it an ideal Ukulele to take to places where there is a risk of damage, (it also helps with humidity, but is that a worry on a starter Ukulele?)

When I first started bringing Ukuleles to the corner and came across the Dolphin, I thought with its bright colours and dolphin shaped bridge, it looked a bit childish. this is why I didn't get one then. Now the look has grown on me, I like the bold colour and the bridge is a bit of fun - so much so that one day I'm going to get a Shark one too (ideally a Concert and the Sharks come in Concert scale too)