Mainland Reggae Gecko Acoustic Soprano Ukulele

My Reggae Gecko

mainland gecko ABS plastic soprano Ukulele
Mainland Gecko Soprano Ukulele ABS back
mainland lizard yellow plastic soprano Ukulele
It came with Aquila strings and I've tuned mine to g~C~E~A

Mainland Chilli Gecko plastic soprano at Lardy's Ukulele database

Chilli Gecko

Mainland Reggae Gecko

Mainland is another respected brand of Ukuleles, manufactured in China for a US head office, and the Gecko range is their budget line, (though more expensive than most other budget lines). It is difficult to get in Europe and I got mine on a trip to Las Vegas

Instead of Mainland being on the Headstock like the more expensive models, the Gecko range has a picture of a Gecko - Except the Chilli which has Chilli's but is still part of the Gecko Range

The Ukuleles themselves have a predominantly plastic body with a Spruce Laminate top and a slightly bowled back. The painting/printing is a little budget if you look closely but not so bad as to be a major issue.