Mahalo Smile 2011 art series Soprano Ukulele

My "Smile"

Chinese yellow smiley Ukulele
Mahalo team international art series Ukulele back
the first smiley Ukulele
It has the original Mahalo strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A
the first smiley Ukulele

All of the 2011 "Art" Series

2011 team international Art series at Lardy's Ukulele Database

And I wonder who's idea the one with all of the skulls on was too? (That said, if I was to get another one it would be the skulls one)

Mahalo "Smile"

This is one of Mahalo's 2011 "Art" range. This is a range of concept designs but at the usual Mahalo price. This one is quite different for the other in the set because it has the double "eyes" sound hole and isn't highly patterned, but I think it looks all the better for that.

Whilst not the greatest quality of the Ukuleles I have, it is perfectly playable and I would use it a lot if it wasn't for the difficulty I have had finding one for sale in Europe, (or anywhere for that matter)

Then there is the rest of the series. I guess its a similar idea to Kala's with the Ukedelic - I don't know who had it first though.

The two hole and smile idea has certainly caught on now though, I have seen a number of other Chinese makers producing something similar; and in a variety of colours too. I have even seen Gold Tone has added one to their range!? I see Mahalo have tried to patent it, but I don't think it worked.