My Glowing Alien

It has Aquila Nylgut strings and is tuned g~C~E~A

Mahalo Alien fluorescent Soprano Ukulele

My Alien Glowing

Mahalo MC~1~AL~ggn creative series Alien

This is one of Mahalo's 2018 "specials", it's part of the new creative series that have come out along with the latest art series and a new designer series. The Alien is the only one of the new models to have a distinctly non traditional body shape, (there is another "skull" one that is a standard Ukulele body shape but put on the wrong way around, so the neck connects to the larger bout ), and though it comes in 4 colours, this is the only one that is fluorescent. I'm looking forward to its arrival so I can get it to glow for me.

Now I have it and I will have to leave it under the lights for a bit before I can see it glow.
Not glowing it is certainly new and off white under normal lights. It plays nicely enough but it does miss a proper fretboard; as it comes it is just some "ebonising" on the neck. OK its a reasonable job but it does look cheap and will probably wear through after a bit of use. Speaking of cheap, the whole thing looks a little cheap, well more feels than looks, the finish is a little rough and uneven. However it plays nicely enough and what did I expect for the money? It is what it is, a bit of fun and...
It Glows!
The soundboard glows, the headstock glows even the back and sides glow!